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I am officially a PT!!! I passed my boards!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

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So, it's graduation weekend! After 6 long years, countless tests/lab practicals, numerous mental breakdowns, and a 2 year research project, school is over. It's hard to believe!!! However, this week hasn't been all good. As everyone knows, my grandpa wasn't doing very well. He was planning on coming to celebrate this weekend with me, along with my grandma and parents. Unfortunately, my grandpa went into the hospital on Monday because he was seriously ill, vomiting, etc. They have been doing tests all week, and yesterday they finally got some results. He has tumors on his liver (he's had them for a little over a year, but they weren't growing). Now, they're growing and they aren't curable. Because of this, and the rate of growth, etc... they are suggesting hospice care for him. My grandmother is talking to hospice today, as I think that the idea has grown on both of them. Basically, I just wanted to update everyone really quick on my grandfather and just ask for your thoughts and prayers as our family goes through this journey. Thanks everyone, and I love you all!

Happy graduation weekend!

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So my grandpa isn't doing well at all.... My grandma finally made an appointment with a doctor today so that he can get referred to an appropriate specialist (neurologist more than likely). I've gotten it down in my head as him having Parkinson's Disease, mini-strokes, his cancer spread to his brain, or just really severe dementia. It could easily be something else... but I hope he gets into a specialist quickly. I really can't lose my grandpa before my wedding....

So needless to say, if I've been distant or really snotty lately, I apologize. I just have a lot going on at home...

70 days until NO LONGER going to college EVER again!

97 days until the wedding!

That is all... :)

So, my Grandpa has more cancerous tumors on his bladder. He is going to have them removed on the 10th, so I will be going home next week again to sit with my Grandma so she doesn't have to sit alone when he is getting operated on. Just asking for some thoughts and prayers for next Thursday for him and for my family.


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I just thought I'd give an update on my life since I never really see or talk to anybody.... haha. Yay for being a loser? Anyways, this semester is a little better with regard to my free time... but it's quickly filling up with hours at Old Navy instead. I hate it there, but hey, it's money so I'll deal. I can't wait... just a few more months and it's all over!

I'm going home on Thursday afternoon. I'm hanging out with my family since I haven't seen them in ages, Rob's aunt and uncle from NYC are coming up so I'll see them, and we have our first counseling session on Sunday morning. My grandpa is doing well with his cancer, and as of right now doesn't have to do too much with treatment.

There is a guy at our church from home, that I went to elementary school with, who just recently got diagnosed with brain cancer. I haven't heard much about updates as of yet, but I'm hoping that he is going to be okay. He had a child with his wife about a year ago, and I would feel horrible. My friend from PT school, her friend just died Thursday morning due to cancer. And MB, I'm sorry it's been 7 years... that's hard too. And Katie's grandpa, and Steph's dad, my grandmother, family friends, friends' families.... I think that someone should find a cure. And I hope that happens sometime soon. **Update here: Another family friend just found out yesterday that she has a mass on her brain, and that's why she has been having a lot of seizures lately when she never had any before. They don't know if it's cancerous or not***

Onto a less depressing subject...I was thinking about ordering bridesmaid dresses in October, is everyone okay with this? I only suggest then because I kind of wanted to order them around the same time just in case the dye wasn't exactly the same, and Rob's sister has to order it from there and I think I'll have to get it back home to her at some point for her to get it altered there.

And speaking of weddings, ours is less than 9 months away!!! It's so insane, I can't even believe it. I'm so excited!!! :)

So I can't post this on facebook or anywhere else because it's entirely creepy.... But I was stalking on facebook of photos of people who are more like acquaintances... and of course I'm going through the pictures and I stop and realize that one picture is of the couple who live next door... who I literally barely know. I did a double take just to make sure... and sure enough they're the right people. Same names anyway (well same first names, who knows what their last names are haha). I just found it to be such a small world... kind of a lame update but I wanted to share haha.

So my grandpa had a PET scan, and it came back pretty okay minus a few things on his liver for a cancer screening. So overall, his cancer isn't as bad as they had expected it to be so that makes me incredibly happy!

I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday with a bargain dress... $9!! Yeah JCPenney! :) haha. I'm all about getting cheap crap right now... way to go wedding sneak up on me, oh and student loans that I have to pay off soon, oh and a million other things. Oh well, I'm just a cheapskate so don't take offense to things if I say I can't do them because of finances... I'm really, really poor.

I went home the past 2 weekends because two different uncles were up on either weekend... whom I see once a year if I'm lucky. I met the new pastor at my church and she's adorable, and super nice. So I'm glad she's going to be the one to marry us. We also decided on our cake person... and we can have 3 flavors which will include chocolate raspberry, french vanilla, and almond. All of them are equally delicious, so I'm psyched about that (again a super bargain!). I think we have also decided on no limo, and just getting an antique car for Rob and I (sorry everyone...) but it seems so silly to put hundreds into a limo ride for 20 minutes.... sooooooo, just as a heads up. I'm a jerk. And again with the being poor theme.... you know.

We are planning on booking our honeymoon shortly, yay Caribbean! :)

And I start classes Monday.... so that makes me want to hurl. I really do NOT want to go back, I'm so tired of school. I wish it was May 9, and it would all be over. Oh well, I've done 5 years (well like 3 straight years) I can suck up 9 months. And since I started out with 72 months of school and now I'm down to 9... I can deal. I also didn't get the GA position.... so I was really bummed about that because it would have been a lot more money coming in than what I make at Old Navy, at least for 3 months. Stinky. But I've gotten over it, and well, sucked up knowing that means the more I have to work at Old stupid Navy.

I'm excited to see everyone Saturday for Katie and Trevor's shin-dig/Katie's birthday celebration! And the following weekend for a housewarming for Stacey and Stephanie! I feel like a jerk for not coming to see it yet... I'm a bad friend.

But in general, I've been very happy lately. Yay for friends. Yay for school being almost over. Yay for weddings in 10 months. Yay, yay, yay! :)

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I just got a really bad feeling that my wedding day is going to go horribly wrong, and none of my friends are going to be there. I'm not excited about the wedding currently. It's probably because of the hotels. Effing hotels and ruining weddings and making me feel like nobody wants to come.

May 9, 2010
Okay, so I'm VERY excited about getting the hell out of school next year. But today I get a lovely letter in the mail saying that because the tents fell down this past May at graduation, and they sucked at having a back up plan, we are now having the graduation ceremony at the Blue Cross Arena. Not a big deal.... until you take into consideration that the graduate commencement is COMBINED with the undergraduate one. As if one graduation wasn't long enough to sit through.... let's combine BOTH and make it one super long, extra boring ceremony to sit through. Oh I was looking forward to a short and sweet graduate commencement.... I guess that was just a dream haha.


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